About Us

Appletree Hill Preschool was originally established by local families and has been educating children for over 40 years. We offer both 3 and 4 Year Old programs in a happy, caring and stimulating environment, guided by qualified and experienced Early Childhood teachers and co-educators.

The latest research confirms the importance of a child’s learning opportunities in the early years of life as being critical to their development in later years. This research also acknowledges that a play based curriculum offers the child the opportunities to learn through experiences that are relevant, meaningful and enjoyable to the child.

The curriculum is underpinned by the National Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Children are encouraged to explore and experiment with materials and equipment and through these discoveries learn concepts and skills that build the foundations for lifelong learning.

The program context reflects the individual child’s interests and abilities and provides experiences and learning opportunities in a range of areas including language and literacy, numeracy, science, nature and the environment, fine and gross motor skills, music, drama and creative expression.

In 2023 Appletree Hill Preschool was again rated as EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS under the National Quality Framework.

We are very proud to have held EXCEEDING IN ALL SEVEN QUALITY AREAS of the NQS since 2013.